Where Is the Broiler in a Gas Oven

Where Is the Broiler in a Gas Oven

Have you ever been cooking something in Gas Oven and wondered, where is the broiler in a gas oven? This post describes where to locate it, how to use the broiler setting on your gas oven, and what is the best way to cook with it.

The broiler is the gas oven’s charcoal/propane grill version. You can locate it at the top of the oven cavity. There will be two round holes on your stovetop with a metal grate, and the broiler pan goes on top of the grate. The broiler only works on the cooktop; you will not be able to use it if your oven is in use.

However, it is not a cooking function like the burners are in a gas grill. Instead, you can use it to heat items that have been placed on a pan or rack and slid into the oven. Broilers are also called “incandescent broilers” because they typically use electric elements wired in series to create super-hot surfaces that reach temperatures of around 2,300 °F (1,260 °C).

Where Is the Broiler on a Gas Stove

Where Is the Broiler on a Gas StoveUsually, you can locate the broiler on a gas stove under the stovetop, in the bottom drawer. Sometimes it’s on top of the oven.

The broiler on a gas stove is typically located either within the oven itself or under the oven. Therefore, you might have to lift the top, depending on your stove model.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the broiler in the oven, it’s usually at the very top of the oven. You may have to unlatch an oven door to access it. If you have an electric stove, you may see a light turn on when you get close to opening where your broiler is located.

If you have a gas range and need to find out where your broiler is, follow these simple steps:

1. Look inside your oven. It will be at the very top if there’s one there—or it could be under the oven, so look for that.

2. If you don’t see any broilers in those places, check your stovetop for a small rotating dial that says “broil.”

3. If all else fails, call your local appliance repair shop and ask them how to find out where it is!

Does My Oven Have a Broiler?

You can tell if your oven has a broiler by looking at the top of your oven. If you see the heating element exposed at the very top of your oven, you have a broiler.

Meanwhile, if you don’t see the heating element exposed, you might still have a broiler—it could just be hidden behind a panel in your oven. If that’s the case, check to see if there is any kind of panel in the middle of your oven and if so, take it out and see if there’s a heating element underneath it. If there is, then congratulations—you have a broiler.

And if you don’t find an exposed heating coil or a control panel icon, you may not have a broiler on your oven.

Where Is the Broiler in an Electric Oven

The broiler in your electric oven is located under the oven and can be turned on by a switch or dial. You can use aluminum foil to line the area under the broiler to make clean-up easier.

To find your broiler, start by opening your oven door and looking along the top of the space. You should see a small element at the very back of your oven. It is your broiler.

You’ll want to make sure you position your oven rack in the middle-lower part of your oven before turning on the broiler. It will ensure that your food doesn’t burn.

Gas Oven Broiler Door Open or Closed

Gas Oven Broiler Door Open or ClosedThe broiler door on your gas oven should be open when you’re using the broiler. Gasses may build up inside the oven if the door is closed, and explosive gases could result! If you’re not using your broiler, keep the door closed to preserve heat and energy.

Most modern gas ovens are preheated before baking, so the top and bottom burners are turned off during baking. However, some models may have both burners on at different temperatures or just one burner on.

If you’re using a gas oven with just one burner on, you might want to keep the door closed throughout the cooking process, as this could help ensure that your food cooks evenly.

So whether you’re cooking a chicken or heating a pizza, take a peek at your oven’s manual and make sure that the door is in its correct position before turning it on.

How to Broil in Gas Oven Without Broiler

It’s a common problem: you want to broil something, but your oven doesn’t have a broiler. You can still get that perfectly-browned top without going out and buying an entirely new oven.

Here’s what you need:

  • A roasting pan
  • An aluminum foil

1. Place the pan on the second-to-highest rack of your oven. If you’re using a rack that has a convection fan, it should be placed on the lowest rack. Place the pan on the second-to-highest rack if you have a fan anywhere else.

2. Make sure that your oven is empty. Do NOT put anything else in there while you broil—this could damage your food and your appliances.

3. Preheat the oven to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and let it run for 30 minutes before putting anything in it (this ensures that any moisture is gone). If you’re cooking something with grease, wait until the last five minutes before putting it in there, as this will help prevent flare-ups.

4. Cover the bottom of your pan with aluminum foil to make cleaning up easier later.

Do You Need to Crack the Oven Door When Broiling

Cracking the oven door when broiling is sometimes recommended to release some of the heat from the oven. However, it is not always necessary and can be detrimental to your cooking if you are not careful.

Cracking the oven door relieves some of the high temperatures generated by broiling. In theory, it sounds like a good idea—more air should mean more cooling.

Meanwhile, one of the reasons why you want to broil in the first place is that it gives you a very hot oven with little air movement. It means that food will cook faster (and therefore be more tender), and things like pizza crusts can get crispier than they would if they were baked at a lower temperature (without all that hot air moving around).

If you crack the oven door when broiling, you will have less heat from the element and more air movement from the outside air coming in through the oven door. These things will make your food less crispy and may even cause it to bake instead of broil.

In general, you only need to crack the oven door when broiling if your oven has a glass window in the door. If your oven doesn’t have this feature, you don’t need to crack the door.

Where Is the Broiler on a Whirlpool Oven

Where Is the Broiler on a Whirlpool OvenThe Whirlpool oven broiler is located under the oven. If you look inside your oven, you’ll notice that the bottom of it is a drawer—that’s where the broiler is located.

The only time we’ve seen a broiler that’s not at the top of the oven is in an electric range. On those models, you’ll find the broiler underneath the cooktop.

And if the broiler on your Whirlpool oven is not working, here’s how to replace it:

1. Unplug your oven.

2. Remove the bottom panel of your oven. You can do this by removing the screws holding it in place, prying up the panel, and disconnecting the two attached wires.

3. Remove your broiler element by unscrewing it from the rear of the oven cavity.

4. Connect your new broiler element to the two wires protruding from the back of the cavity and screw it in securely.

5. Replace your bottom panel and plug your oven back in.

Where Is the Broiler on My Frigidaire Gas Oven

The broiler on your Frigidaire gas oven is located at the top of your range or cooktop in its compartment. The broiler drawer is attached to the bottom of the oven and can be pulled out like a drawer.

Your broiler will be located in the middle of this top shelf. Most other ovens have a drawer for their broiler.

For all Frigidaire and other Electrolux brand models, the broiler is accessed by opening the lower drawer. Next, lift upward to open the top of the broiler door. It will reveal your oven heating coils.

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How Do You Broil in a Gas Oven?

How Do You Broil in a Gas OvenBroiling is best done in an oven with a broiler compartment built into the top of the oven. Most gas ovens have this compartment, but some do not. If your gas oven has a broiler compartment, you should be able to figure out how to set it up and use it fairly easily.

If there is no broiler compartment, you can still broil in a gas oven as long as it has a top burner and bottom burner. This method will take a little longer than standard broiling, but the process and the result will be very similar.

To broil in a gas oven with a dedicated broiler compartment:

1. Preheat your oven to 500 degrees (F).

2. Set the rack near the top of the oven.

3) Place your food on the rack.

4. Watch your food carefully and remove it when done.

To broil in an oven with no dedicated broiler compartment:

1. Preheat your oven to 450 degrees (F).

2. Turn ON the gas for both the top and bottom burner.

3. Place food on the center rack of your oven. Be sure to leave at least 2 inches of space between the food and the top of the oven

Do All Gas Stoves Have a Broiler Drawer?

Do All Gas Stoves Have a Broiler DrawerNot all gas stoves have broiler drawers. Broiler drawers are usually found on gas stoves equipped with a modern oven. 

If your stove has a broiler drawer, it will be located at the bottom of the oven, below the baking racks. The controls for the broiler drawer are usually attached to the drawer’s front wall.

The reason for this difference is that the conduction of heat may be different in a broiler drawer used with a gas stove. It is why it’s worth checking to see whether your gas stove has a broiler drawer before you buy one.

Gas stoves can indeed have a broiler drawer. Whether or not any particular model has, it depends on the manufacturer. Most brands will have a broiler function in their ovens, though.

So if you’re looking at gas ovens, make sure to check whether the models you’re considering have a broiler drawer. If they do, and this is important to you, you can select one of those models.


Where is the broiler in a gas oven? The broiler is located below the oven compartment. To find it, locate the temperature knob. The broiler is usually below the frame of the oven. It makes it the perfect tool for browning your food without over-cooking it because of excessive heat. 

Caution: Do not touch the gas burner under the broiler until you turn off the flame and let it cool overnight.

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