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Healthy Black Salt Substitute

There are several options if you want to improve the flavor of food with a substitute for black salt. While black salt Substitutes won’t recreate the mineral-rich and distinct taste of black salt, each offers a wonderful contribution to food cooked in it and eaten warm.

You can use a few different substitutes for black salt, depending on the flavor you’re going for. To substitute for black salt in Indian dishes, try table salt mixed with crushed Kala Namak (Indian black salt) or sea salt mixed with kelp powder.

And if you’re looking for a more sulfurous flavor to replicate the eggy taste of black salt, try subbing in regular table salt mixed with garlic powder or onion powder.

Although, Black salt is often used as a replacement for regular salt in food preparation or as a condiment. Due to its high concentration of minerals, including iron, potassium, and magnesium, can serve as an effective detoxifying agent and preventative against various conditions.

Furthermore, Black Salt is known as Kala Namak and comes from India. Kali Namak is the name of the crystals formed when coastal Indian rock salt is heated in furnaces. It’s an important ingredient in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, and its use dates to ancient times.

What Are Black Salt Substitutes?

What Are Black Salt SubstitutesPeople with high blood pressure or a strict low-sodium diet should not use Black Salt. It is because it still has the same nutritional and chemical makeup as table salt. So, it’s important to find a black salt substitute. You can purchase many substitutes, but you can also make your own at home.

The following are black salt substitutes that you can use at home:

1. Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan pink salt is a rock salt that contains 84 minerals. It is considered an excellent natural lamb seasoning or salt substitute. In addition, it works well as a replacement for black or grey salt that you are used to using on your meats. 

The salt creates a convection effect on foods and a milder, juicer taste instead of table salts. This meat seasoning stimulates the flavor of any meat and works especially well with red meats. It also works great on steaks, chops, lamb, and chicken.

These black salt substitutes are also known as Kala namak or sanchal and have a smoky and salty taste that makes meats and vegetables taste so good.

2. Hawaiian black salt

Hawaiian black salt is a name for black lava salt, a type of salty mineral with a distinctive color and flavor. Black lava salt is an interesting and flavorful substitute for regular table salt and has several health benefits.

There are many other ways to use Hawaiian black salt; mixing regular sea salt with black salt can make your bath salts.

Health benefits of Himalayan black salt

  • It can help make you feel full after eating by increasing your metabolism and eating less.
  • It helps to lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol levels in your body.
  • Helps you absorb nutrients better from food.
  • It protects against free radicals, which cause disease and cancer.
  • It gives you energy throughout the day, so you don’t have to rely on caffeine or sugar to keep going.

3. Sea salt 

Sea salt provides several health benefits that regular table salt does not because it contains natural minerals that add flavor and texture.

4. Lemon salt

As a modernized replacement for the traditional black salt, lemon Salt adds a refreshing citrus taste to your favorite dishes and cocktails. Made of 100% pure sea salt mixed with lemon and other plant extracts, Lemon Salt is an excellent alternative to common table salt, often linked to high blood pressure and stroke.

The lemony taste of lemon salt makes it the perfect seasoning for seafood, including Grilled shrimp, fish, and chicken; Salt, pepper, garlic, and lemon can all be used to enhance the flavor of beef, pork, and poultry.

5. Chaat masala

Chaat Masala is an Indian spice mix that offers heart-opening health benefits and a unique taste. Use it to sprinkle on top of crackers or guacamole or season chicken, fish, or tofu.

Chaat masala brings together a fiery mix of exotic spices, making it a must-have curry companion. You can replace black salt with Chaat Masal in your meal to give it an aromatic, authentic Indian taste.

6. Kosher salt and activated charcoal.

Another substitute for black Hawaiian salt is a mix of kosher salt and activated charcoal. You should combine the two in a food processor or blender to ensure they are fully mixed, which will help avoid clumping.

Activated charcoal is used in a wide variety of beauty products. It’s a naturally occurring substance used since ancient times to cleanse the body and prevent illness and disease.

It works by drawing impurities from the body into the charcoal when ingested. Many contemporary doctors recommend using activated charcoal to treat overdoses, poisonings, and drug or alcohol intoxication.

7. Hawaiian red salt

Hawaiian red salt is the perfect substitute for black Hawaiian salt. It is a coarse salt with high mineral content, like black Hawaiian salt, but it has a red hue caused by iron oxide. It gives it an almost pinkish color and a slightly sweeter taste than other salts.

It’s often said that red Hawaiian salt has more qualities associated with pink Himalayan salt.

Also, Hawaiian red salt is made from seawater evaporated using sun heat. It has a unique red color because of its mineral content, including iron oxide. Hawaiian red salt was once used as currency in Hawaii and has been experienced by natives for centuries as a medicinal treatment for everything from sore throats to constipation.

8. Maldon sea salt

Maldon is one of the most flavourful salts available, boasting a pure and delicate taste. Its flaky shape gives it a distinctly different crunch from ordinary table salt, and each grain is carefully hand-harvested from the sun-kissed surface of the Essex coast.

The salt has no additives, chemicals, or anti-caking agents. 

Is Black Pepper Good Substitute for Salt

Is Black Pepper Good Substitute for SaltWhile black pepper is a common substitute for salt, it is not the best. Studies have shown that, while sufficient to mimic the effect of salt in the mouth, black pepper does not have the same physiological effects on the body as salt.

Most notably, sodium chloride has a high affinity for water molecules and is capable of creating hydration within your cells and body. However, its chemical makeup and lack of sodium chloride limit black pepper’s hydration potential.

As a result, though it may make an adequate substitute at the dinner table, black pepper will not be able to help you stay adequately hydrated during times of exercise or intense physical activity.

Furthermore, many people find that black pepper’s lack of versatility is an issue. While salt can be used in almost any recipe, black pepper is best used on red meats and certain vegetables like potatoes and eggplant. So unless these are your favorite foods, you probably won’t find black pepper as useful in your kitchen.

Can I Use Pink Salt to Substitute for Black Salt

Can I Use Pink Salt to Substitute for Black SaltPink salt won’t work as a substitute for black salt. Black salt is just Himalayan rock salt (also known as pink salt) mixed with activated charcoal and sulfur to give it a blackish-grey color. 

If you use pink salt instead of black salt, you’ll be using a lot less than the recipe calls for, which will throw off the flavor of your dish.

So what can you use instead? You can try using regular table salt with a little soy sauce or mixed miso paste; this will simulate the strong, salty flavor you’re looking for.

Or you could experiment with different spices to give your dish the right amount of bite, like garlic powder, onion powder, and cayenne pepper. However, keep tasting as you add more spice to ensure it doesn’t get too hot.

Furthermore, pink salt, on the other hand, is just the name for an unrefined sea salt that has a pink tint. You can try it if you want to give your dish a little extra color, but your dish won’t taste quite the same.


Himalayan Pink Rock Salt is a black salt substitute; it is slightly less smoky and has a more balanced flavor that isn’t too salty.

If you use one of the recommended salts above as a substitute for black salt, you will discover that they are easier to use than black lava salt or black igneous rock salt, and if you choose a variety that tastes great, your food might even taste better.

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